SAM3D is a posture measurement instrument that allows you to perform

a postural analysis in 3D and without X-ray.


SAM3D can be used in different medical fields

Back pain or " lower back pain " affects the quality of life of employees and impacts the performance of companies. SAM3D Lite helps to set up effective preventive measures to reduce this risk, which spares no professional sector. Screening for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and back pain at work is our priority. 

A true scourge of the century, back pain does not spare the youngest. SAM3D Lite allows mass screening of scoliosis without radiation in children and adolescents. The SAM3D Lite posture assessment helps the practitioner to prescribe the right treatment to ensure the best possible growth.

The speed and simplicity of use of the SAM3D Lite device allows you to ensure the daily follow-up and traceability of your patients. SAM3D Lite is the essential tool for the evaluation of the physiotherapy diagnostic assessment. A balance sheet that can now be invoiced from the first session (AMS/AMK/AMC 10.7).

The power of the algorithms based on the artificial intelligence of the SAM3D Lite device guides you in choosing the most appropriate correction. Don't make a pair of orthotics without a SAM3D Lite check-up. Your patients will be delighted to leave with a pair of insoles and a report proving the effectiveness of the corrections you have previously chosen. 

Stop injuries, improve the performance of your sportspeople, athletes and patients. A 3D assessment to stand out and improve your physical preparation sessions. The traceability and tracking of the SAM3D Lite shows the progress made to each of your patients. SAM3D Lite is now transportable, you can take it with you to evaluate the impact of your exercises at your training sites by comparing the before and after sessions.








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