About us...

Based in Rouen, Normandy, SAM Instruments distributes innovative patented tools for natural position analysis of 3D posture. The SAM3D tool is a new tool that allows practitioners to do postural assessments in 3D and to treat different pathologies that are not always identified in normal times.


SAM3D allows health professionals (podiatrists, posturologists, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, sports doctors, re-educators...) to do a postural analysis in 3D and without X-ray. This tool is made to improve the quality of life of people suffering from different pathologies through the management and follow-up of patients by practitioners. The power of its software and algorithms allows the best reconstruction of the position of bones and joints.


SAM3D is a simple, reliable and innovative tool that facilitates mass screening for scoliosis and MSDs*, which are common pathologies that need to be managed. A postural check-up is done in less than 4 minutes and allows professionals to prescribe the right treatment and have a long-term follow-up. 


Post-processing follow-up is facilitated thanks to the use of the SAM3D system and its software, which is linked through a global database administered by us.

*MSDs: musculo-skeletal disorders